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Mars Retrograde, Your Astrocast 9/7-9/13

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Thank goddess we start our week out with some harmonious and milder energy than we have in weeks past! It feels like so long since we had a beginning to any week be mild and more pleasant from an astrological perspective. Unfortunately that excitement will be short lived as come Wednesday, the long anticipated Mars retrograde in Aries takes effect at 3:22 pm PST and we are back on the roller coaster that has been 2020. 

Now I am not one of those doom and gloom astrologers who thinks that retrogrades are “bad.” But I think in my short time as an astrologer, and the chaos that has been 2020, I am humbled by astrology and understanding from a predictive standpoint why Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune get the reputation that they do. It's one thing to read about transits, it's another thing to live them! These planets are really no joke. I wish I could say that Mars retrograde is a time where things will be good and “better” but the reality is just not the case. As we all know, astrology on an individual basis is case by case. On a grand scale, Mars retrograde in Aries is going to shake things up quite a bit and have some things come to light about our world leaders that may have previously been buried for the time being. Civil unrest will continue to rise, there may be more sex scandals coming to light, and we could even see ourselves heading for some ultimate deconstruction when it comes to our own government and political infrastructures. 

It is important that we take things seriously when it comes to our plans for our future. We need to be ready for the worst when it comes to environmental and climate change, creating evacuation plans for fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes etc… We also need to be planning for what we are going to do in times of civil unrest. 

If we have been working in an industry that has been hurting because of the pandemic, we need to potentially begin looking for work that is recession proof. We need to not plan for things to go back to “normal” because frankly, we are entering a completely new world in this next chapter of humanity.

Mars is the planet that represents war. Mars rules Aries as well as Scorpio and is known for being a planet that causes a lot of hurt and destruction when it is transiting an area of our lives. On a positive note, Mars also gives us energy, drive, ambition, and the ability to fight and assert ourselves for what we believe in. Mars is not a bad energy at all, but it can manifest in very intense and destructive ways if we are not careful with how we apply or utilize this energy. Mars can also give a frequency in line with competition and a desire to win at all costs. With Mars retrograde we could feel a sense of urgency to figure out how to accomplish our dreams and goals, but because of the retrograde motion, we may feel like we are unable to push things forward to the extent that we would like to. 

With such a volatile frequency of energy in the air, those who are unstable and unable to channel anger in healthy ways, may act out in ways that are unhealthy or drastic. 

Mars will be retrograde in Aries until November 14th of 2020, so buckle up and get ready for a doozy.

On a more positive note, Jupiter leaves the retrograde party this week when it stations direct in Capricorn on Saturday the 12th. As we all know, this year has been financially hard on most of us, and we have been patiently waiting on more government relief news, which at this point seems dismal. But with Jupiter now stationing direct in Capricorn, there may be something that happens in regard to finances whether its tax breaks, another stimulus, or some kind of news around what else we could anticipate when it comes to the workforce. It's hard to say with so many planets, and Mars now, in retrograde, whether any progress that is made will feel like progress, but we can hope that on an individual level, that Jupiter will help us find new ways to expand into the changes taking place, and find some way to get through the rest of this crazy year.

Tarot cards of the week:

The Empress, The Emperor, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, The Tower, 2 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, Queen of Wands, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups, 3 of Cups. 

All times are Pacific time

Monday 9/7

Moon in Taurus

Moon trine Sun in Virgo 9:09 am

Moon trine Jupiter Rx in Capricorn 1:08 pm

Moon sextile Neptune Rx in Pisces 5:35 pm

Moon trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn 11:39 pm

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus and makes a lot of harmonious and easy aspects today which empowers us to be productive and feel grounded in the current state of our lives. This is a great day to take care of your home, finances, body, and health. We may enjoy spending time outside in nature and putting order to things where we can. Moon in Taurus people tend to love connecting through food. Cook some nurturing food for yourself and a loved one and find a way to feel the pleasure of sensation in your relationship to the material. 

Tuesday 9/8

Moon in Taurus

Moon void of course trine Saturn Rx in Capricorn 5:47 am

Moon enters Gemini 2:28 pm

Moon sextile Venus in Leo 8:41 pm

Our Moon enters Gemini in the afternoon and makes a harmonious sextile to Venus in the evening hours. With the energy of the day we could feel a desire or need to connect with those we love. We may crave attention or physical touch. This is a positive day for self love rituals and finding ways to have gratitude for the little things.  Find a way to share and give love to someone who brings joy to your life. 

Wednesday 9/9

Moon in Gemini

Moon trine Mercury in Libra 1:38 am

Moon sextile Chiron Rx in Aries 6:33 am

Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter Rx in Capricorn 9:04 am

Mars retrograde in Aries 3:22 pm