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New Moon Aries - Taking a Leap of Faith

New Moon Aries at 22° 24’

“A Pregnant Woman in Light Summer Dress”

The easy breezy feelings of renewal come to many in the form of hope, optimism and anticipation for what’s to come. The new moon in Aries is the purest archetype of new beginnings. This is our astrological new year coming into full force and the intentions we set for this fresh new moon cycle colors how the remainder of our solar year will transpire. When the baby Aries cries out to receive what it needs, it does not expect anything but demands it. The wailing baby who cries for food does not know why it cries but just knows something is unsettling in its environment. The baby trusts that the Universe will provide it with the sustenance it does not yet know it needs and so the level of faith and trust that a baby has is all it knows. The sheer trust in the universe’s ability to catch every blind step taken is the level of purity that exists within the Arian heart. This same faith is that which we must harness within so we can co-parent our inner child selves with the Universe. Radical self-care can look a variety of ways to many different types of people. The idea of radical self-care is to parent our inner child in a way that may appear as taboo or against the grain of popular parenting theories. For instance, there are a myriad ways of teaching babies how to begin to think of their reactions within the world around them that also incorporates other people’s feelings. Those who grow up with siblings especially understand this process of having to acknowledge how one’s own reactions affect others no matter how much one wants / needs something. We’re told we must ignore our inner needs and desires and share. For some this is great information and really important to know but for others who are already geared towards empathy and other-oriented thinking, this can create the impression that even though we have needs ourselves we must ignore them in order to appease others. The radical self-care process would have you go back to those times when you had to repress yourself, hush the wailing baby, turn off the inner ‘brat’ and sit in the pain silently and instead of complying you allow yourself to yell, scream, wail it all out as a form of catharsis*.

During this time of renewal, we can take a moment to appreciate our innate desires for attention in a way that does not shame nor diminish the inner child wound of being reprimanded for stating your needs. What do you want and how are you going to get it? Plant the seeds of faith that when you do ask for what you need you will always be provided for.

The Sun is exalted in Aries and rules Leo, so this new moon phase is a powerful one for coming back into alignment with the direction you see yourself headed throughout the year. It really is the time when we feel more amped up and motivated to continue on with those new year’s resolutions, we forgot about 4 months ago. The blood is pulsing through the body and the temperature in our hearts is beginning to rise. Adrenalin initiates the bodily sensations and reminds us that we are in fact fleshy human beings with a bountiful amount of light to shine. Tapping into one’s confidence and resilience, we direct our energy towards our external goals with fresh eyes. Scream it out loud: “I AM ALIVE” and proclaim your existence. Howl at the moon and run into the darkness using just your own inner light as your guide and test the winds of fate to carry you where you need to go.

Venus square Pluto

Major aspects to this new moon offer opportunities to work through some mental fog and innate desires that may have been deeply repressed. The most dynamic aspect is the cardinal Venus square Pluto in Aries and Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn for quite some time and will continue its deep transformation of systems until around May of 2023. All of the planetary aspects that make a connection with Pluto in Capricorn are offering us the chance to break down the walls that were built around our hearts and to slowly begin to build new, longer lasting structures with love and contentment. Cardinal squares offer new directions and solutions that require us to take the initiation into our own hands if we want to make real change in our lives. Venus is the planet of justice, romance and desires and with its placement in Aries we are being shown where we have repressed our own inner desires and how we can bring those up to the surface to have more fulfilling, open and honest intimate partnerships. The conversations may start out with the words “I need”. When you confront partners about your needs be cautioned that you will also be asked to see where you withhold the needs of others. The power dynamics in relationships require true compromise and sometimes for one party to wave the white flag, but most often the tensions begin with not feeling seen or heard after expressing a basic need. The new moon in Aries will show us where we feel unseen and unheard and that journey to mending that wound begins with ourselves and ourselves only. We must be able to rely on ourselves for the most fundamental needs which is the will to survive. Finally, this square between Venus and Pluto are opening us up to the ways of eliminating toxic selfish tendencies and how we have habituated unhealthy coping mechanisms. We are being granted a fresh start with this new moon to begin cultivating healthy ways to process how we get our needs met.

Mars trine Jupiter

Mars in Gemini will be culminating into an exact trine with Jupiter in Aquarius during and just after the new moon in Aries. This Big Faith energy is just the tip we need to get our motivations going towards the big picture. With Mars making a square to Neptune we may not exactly know how the end result is going to look or what the steps to take even look like at first but the opportunities to take big risks seem like a no-brainer. It all begins with the risk of sharing your dreams with others. Manifesting a new project, sharing or stating what your intentions are to a group of people often makes the dream become more of a reality. Taking a leap of faith and sharing your ideas to the community can be liberating! Announce your arrival! Share your new venture, the more you offer yourself to the collective the easier it will be to harness those dreams.

New Moon Affirmations


I have faith I will always be provided for

When I ask for what I need I always receive it with gratitude

My actions in this world reflect my inner reality

I trust myself

Evelyn Zuel

Astrology ~ Certified Consulting Hypnotist ~ Owner of The Mystic parlor

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* Reference: Kwonyin


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