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Your Weekly Forecast 3/30-4/5

The Lovers card from The Hermetic Tarot.

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April is here! 

I hope as we enter our 2nd, or third week for some folks, of isolation, that we are able to find a rhythm to the madness.

I am not going to sugar coat right now, this week is another banger. We have so many transits symbolizing the breaking down and ending to old structures in place.

Mars enters Aquarius Monday, and soon after meets up with Saturn on Tuesday, making a powerful Conjunction at 0 degrees. This marks the beginning of a cycle that should bring social and political progress in the weeks to come. On Friday, Venus enters Gemini

(The Lovers card in the tarot), where she is in her ruling sign in esoteric astrology, and will stay here until August this year. Shortly after, Mercury makes a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces for the 2nd time this year, activating similar themes we worked through during the retrograde cycle we had in February. But wait! Just when you thought, that's gotta be it right? Wrong! Saturday Venus in Gemini makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, later followed by an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Whenever we have such a jam packed week of transits, I love to see it as an opportunity for learning as a young astrologer. As astrologers we spend so much time studying the past, and cycles of the past, trying to find themes to make sense of the nature of our world. The framework for these transits and seeing certain cycles repeated in history, even when everything feels terrible, for some reason gives me a sense of ease in feeling like everything is unfolding as it should. Hearing research projects other astrologers are doing finding patterns of pandemics in history from an astrological lense, gives me the sense that there is a wisdom to the math of this whole thing that we barely grasp as a species.

This is a prominent time in history, and what you are going through on an individual level, feeds into the soup that is the fabric of the cosmos. We all by osmosis are influencing the energy of this world, and this is a powerful time to be working on self awareness of how your imprint, no matter what size, is influencing your relationships and the world around you.

Take time this week to acknowledge, validate, and move through your triggers and emotional responses to those around you. Ask yourself the “why” behind what makes you “feel” things. Ask yourself what energy you are bringing to the table. Take responsibility for what you can do, and spend less time giving energy to what you feel stifled by. 

 Tarot Cards for the week:

The Lovers, The Devil, The Moon, The Empress, The Emperor, The Chariot The Tower, The Devil, The Fool, The Star, 4 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 6 of Swords, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, The Hermit, 2 of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles, 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, Strength, 5 of Wands, The Moon, 2 of cups, 7 of cups, 8 of cups. 

(All times are Pacific)

Monday 3/30

Moon in Gemini

Moon void of course square Neptune in Pisces 8:10 am

Mars enters Aquarius 12:43 pm

Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn 5:52 pm

Moon inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn 6:55 pm

Today may be emotionally hard for a lot of us as we have a lot of aspects that are challenging to feel right now. With the Moon in Gemini today, we are prone to overthinking ( 8 of Swords). We have a need to communicate our feelings during this time, or perhaps express them in the form of journaling or writing. With a square to Neptune in the morning hours, our perceptions of reality may be skewed and we are likely to fall into illusions about what we are experiencing in life. It is likely we could feel emotionally unstable today. It is valid to be worried about the future, but try to find a way to get grounded in the smaller things you can control. 

Tuesday 3/31

Moon enters Cancer 4:43 am

Moon inconjunct Mars in Aquarius 5:39 am

Moon inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius 5:56 am

Mars in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 11:31 am

Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus 2:24 pm

Moon square Chiron in Aries 3:29 pm

Two tarot cards I have been pulling quite a lot over the last week are the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Swords. I have pulled it in readings for others, and I have received them in readings for myself. The relevance astrologically for these cards coming up is mostly likely due to the fact that Mars has been making its way to Saturn over the last week, and today the two finally make a conjunction in the fixed sign of Aquarius. The archetypes of the Knights often have a Mars like quality, energy that is impulsively charging ahead, for better or worse. The Knights are ruled by the element Air. In the Knight of Wands we have Air/Fire, and in the Knight of Swords we have Air/Air. Mars being the ruler of Aries, entering the sign of Aquarius, we could say that the archetype for the Knight of Wands is an accurate depiction of energy a lot of us may feel in the days ahead. The energy of Mars conjunct Saturn lends itself to a hardworking and disciplined energy that is also potentially reactive, aggressive, and impatient.

On a personal level, we may feel a lot of ambition and motivation in the house of our chart that we have this transit passing through, but we may find ourselves frustrated with anything stifling us or getting in the way of our ability to move certain things forward at this time. Self awareness when it comes to our emotional reactions will be key this week. There is potential for us to take things out on others, or project frustrations on those we share space with. As a collective we may see tensions between the public and government systems beginning to increase as people demand more from our world leaders. 

Wednesday 4/1

First Quarter Moon in Cancer 

Moon square Sun in Aries 3:21 am

Moon trine Mercury in Pisces 10:51 am

Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 4:23 pm

With the First Quarter Moon in Cancer, we may be feeling like we are ready for an “emotional reset.” Last week ( the week of the New Moon) I pulled the Ace of Cups, and then I proceeded to have a lot of clients receive that guidance in their readings. The energy of the Ace of Cups is very much the same as a First Quarter Moon in Cancer. We are being asked to take initiative in our own healing and self care at this time. With these transits during the day that cause us to feel sensitive and more susceptible to the energy of others, we benefit from having communication about how we are feeling, while taking large breaks away from social media. This is a good time to retreat within.

Thursday 4/2

Moon in Cancer

Moon void of course sextile Venus in Taurus 9:49 am

Moon enters Leo 11:26 am

Moon opposition Saturn in Aquarius 12:49 pm

Moon opposition Mars in Aquarius 3:13 pm

Moon square Uranus in Taurus 8:40 pm

Moon trine Chiron in Aries 9:41 pm

With the Moon entering Leo in the morning hours, and making harder aspects today, we may feel frustrated by our inability to socialize and commune with others in the ways that we wish. Isolation of the self may be feeling like a bit too much for us at this time and the ways we feel blocked in creative expression or connection with loved ones could feel like it is at a breaking point as the day progresses. It is beneficial to find ways to stay busy and to work on projects that distract us from spiraling into victimized behavior. It may be valid to feel what we are feeling, but we benefit from being creative and finding constructive ways to feed our hearts. If you need to have a virtual friend date, this might be a good day to make that plan.

Friday 4/3

Moon in Leo

Venus enters Gemini 10:11 am

Moon void of course trine Sun in Aries 12:29 pm

Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces 6:15 pm

Moon inconjunct Neptune in Pisces 8:42 pm

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Pisces 8:58 pm

We have a very special day with our ruler of Friday, relationship, beauty, and love; Venus,  stationing in her esoteric rulership of Gemini. In the tarot, The Lovers card is ruled by Venus in Gemini. Venus in Gemini is considered, in esoteric astrology, to be where we are learning the soul expression of Venus. It is in Gemini, that Venus teaches us the consequences of the fulfillment of our desires in relation to others. In The Lovers, the fourth stage of alchemy is represented; Conjunction. We often look outside of ourselves to conjoin with others in this life, but when we align ourselves on the path to enlightenment, we learn that conjunction begins with uniting the two halves of the self. Relationships of all kinds, tend to be a beneficial mirror into the journey of our soul. What we project onto others and whether or not we are self aware of the cause and effect of our actions in our relationships will be a major theme while Venus is in Gemini. Due to Venus stationing retrograde in Gemini, we will have Venus here for much longer than usual. Venus retrograde in Gemini is from May 13-June 25 this year, and she will be in Gemini until August 8th.

There are some additional layers to this that contribute harmoniously to the energy at hand today. Gemini’s traditional ruler Mercury, makes a conjunction with Neptune for the 2nd time this year in Pisces. Neptune is considered to be a higher octave of Venus, and enhanced our desire to connect to higher realms of consciousness. Artistic and creative energy is in the air. Tap into your divine potential by allowing yourself to explore the realms of your subconscious. This is a positive time for meditation, lucid dreaming, dream journaling, and spiritual work.

With the Moon in Leo in the evening hours making some difficult aspects to Neptune and Mercury, we may feel like the blockages towards self expression and connection with others is frustrating for our minds at this time. We may feel sensitive towards the way others are treating us, and we could be fishing for compliments or seeking outside approval or validation in ways that may not be constructive. Self love rituals are advised today, as well as virtual friend dates, and any kind of romance you can bring into your home, whether it's with a loved one or yourself. 

Saturday 4/4

 Moon in Leo

Moon inconjunct Jupiter in Capricorn 5:44 am

Moon inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn 5:52 am

Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius 10:09 am

Moon enters Virgo 2:18 pm

Moon inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius 3:48 pm

Moon square Venus in Gemini 4:08 pm

Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 7:45 pm

Moon inconjunct Mars in Aquarius 8:20 pm

Moon trine Uranus in Taurus 11:06 pm

Despite some difficult energies we have with the Moon today, Venus in Gemini makes a powerful trine to Saturn in Aquarius, which is beneficial to our relationships in both love and business. We benefit from connecting to those we care about, having serious conversations about what is important, and brainstorming ways that we as a collective can move forward during these hard times.

Our next large transit of the day involves Jupiter and Pluto. While Jupiter is a planet of optimism, growth, expansion and progress, it is often also related the beginning and ending of a cycle. With Jupiter meeting up with Pluto, the ruler of Death, we could see some major changes and endings of structures in place. The long term of benefits of these endings will be seen in the months, and most likely, years to come. Due to the fact that these planets are both in Capricorn, and that Pluto as 8th house ruler also has a tie to finances, we may see more government stimulus packages, or ways that the world is trying to cope with the financial losses during this time. 

Progress is rarely received well in the beginning stages, and while the changes taking place in our world for the short term seem scary and detrimental to the fabric and sustainability of society, we have known as a species, that the way we have been living and moving forward was not sustainable for the long term. With these big shifts of energy today, seeds towards the future are being planted. While not all of us may see that yet, as only time will tell how it will unfold, the seeds we are all planting in our own lives right now, are having a large effect on what's to come.

Sunday 4/5

Moon in Virgo

Moon inconjunct Chiron in Aries 12:04 am

Moon inconjunct Sun in Aries 5:12 pm

Moon opposition Neptune in Pisces 9:38 pm

Moon in Virgo tends to enhance our desire for productivity around our routines and organization. This is a good day to focus on home projects or work that needs to be done that may have been put off. With some difficult aspects to Chiron and our Sun in Aries, we could be feeling a little down on ourselves, or perhaps our energy level isn’t quite what we wish it was for the amount of productivity we would like to accomplish. 

With the Moon opposite Neptune in the evening hours, we may begin to envision goals and aspects to our lives we wish to manifest, and the tangible road to those wishes may begin to seem a little more clear. With Neptune we are always susceptible to falling a bit into an illusion about what is really possible right now, but sometimes the act of dreaming and wishing can feel inspiring enough, especially during hard times.

May love, peace, and good fortune bestow upon you and all you come in contact with during these difficult times,

Analisa Six


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