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12 ways to Destress with your Moon Sign

Blessings seekers and mystics!

It has been a huge goal for me to use astrology, and the art of tarot reading, to help align others with conscious living and choosing pathways in life that lead to healthier versions of themselves. It is an absolute dream come true to be asked to write for this platform from that perspective. For my first contribution to conscious sober living from an astrological perspective, I would love to break down how your Moon sign can help aid in finding the right way that is special to you when it comes to finding healthy ways to cope with stress, rather than turning to an unhealthy addictive pattern! 

Our Moon sign typically gets the least amount of attention when it comes to horoscopes, but it equally makes up such a large part of who we are. Our Moon in our birth charts symbolizes who we are on an emotional and subconscious level, and what we need when it is time for us to hunker down, retreat within, and feel nurtured in our personal lives. In astrology there can be a spectrum as well as a duality within the archetypal energy of a planet and sign. We can fulfill the positive and empowering expression of that energy, or we can also lean towards the negative or not so positive expression of that energy. 

Some of you may be wondering how you find out what your Moon sign is in astrology? In order to find out what your Moon sign is, you can have your birth chart read by an astrologer   ( like myself), or you can download an astrology app that will tell you. My favorite astrology app is called Time Passages. You will need your birth date, exact birth time as it is on your birth certificate, and the location of where you were born in order to find the correct birth chart data for yourself.

Our Moon sign in astrology represents what we need on an emotional level and how it is expressed. It also is a good place to see what types of coping mechanisms we gravitate towards when under stress, and how we can choose healthy ways for self care when met with challenges in life. Everyone is different. We may wonder why one person needs a lot of alone time when they are under stress, while another may need to go out with friends for a night and talk about all of their problems. Our Moon sign can show this side of our nature, and help us better understand to set ourselves up for success when it comes to finding healthy coping mechanisms. This was such a crucial part in my sobriety journey when understanding my nature and why getting drunk and listening to sad music was something I gravitated towards when I was feeling emotionally distraught ( my Moon is in Pisces the sign that rules music and alcohol.) 

After over 3 years of studying astrology and doing tons of birth charts, I have found what tends to help others feel stress free and more  in alignment when the needs of their Moon sign are getting met in healthy and grounding ways. 

So here it is, your guide to healthy emotional coping mechanisms based on your Moon sign! 

You’re learning how to cool off and gain control of that temper! 

Aries Moon’s are known for not always being able to keep their cool when under pressure! With the planet Mars ruling your Moon, you have a tendency to feel irritable and frustrated when your needs are not getting met. Aries Moon can sometimes feel hard as your needs are dependent on whatever you feel you need in that moment, and if that need does not get met in that moment, you are going to feel like you are about to blow a fuse! For this reason, it is important that Aries Moon’s find a way to feel like they are in control of their environment in ways that feel empowering. You need to remove yourself from others, and almost go on a personal journey that reestablishes your sense of independence and control of your surroundings. Aries Moons benefit from working heat through the body with physical activity. It is extremely positive for you to go for a run, or a bike ride, or do something active when you are feeling emotionally ungrounded, and doing it alone so that there isn't anyone around to slow you down! 

Celebs with their Moon in Aries:

Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Selena Gomez, Pamela Anderson, Kendall Jenner, Tupac Shakur, Tyra Banks, Ellen Degenres, Russel Brand

You’re learning how to balance work and play, you don’t need to be hustling 24/7!

Taurus values  a strong sense of material security. Taurus Moons need to feel grounded and stable when it comes to their physical environment and the work they are doing in the world needs to feel steady and constant. Unfortunately life is not always stable and constant so Taurus Moons need to find things in their environment that give them a sense of security, when maybe other things in their life are not so stable. The first and foremost is a comfortable and stable living environment, the home needs to feel lived in, cozy, and beautiful. 

Taurus Moon’s also feel most grounded and nurtured when they are able to cook and enjoy food that is comforting to them! You benefit from finding a recipe you have always wanted to try and spending the day gathering all of the ingredients, putting on some romantic and soothing music, while spending the day preparing this meal for yourself as well as whomever you share your life with. With Venus ruling the energy of your Moon, physical sensations and romance is something that Taurus Moons also find comfort in when needing to rejuvenate. Having a romantic date night with a fancy dessert after a nourishing dinner will help any Taurus Moon individual feel rejuvenated and complete for the days that follow. 

Celebs with their Moon in Taurus: