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Are you Mad yet? Your Astrocast 9/28-10/4

Happy October lovelies! 

When I began looking at the transits for this week I couldn't help but think of the Mad Hatter archetype from Alice in Wonderland. I feel like every week this year has been insane, and at this point it feels comical, despite how not funny it really is. The fact that it is already the end of September is blowing my mind! This year over all feels like such a blur. So many changes I have endured personally, but in succession with so many changes globally. I feel eternally grateful that I have had astrology to ground me during this time, and I hope despite the simplicity of my writing in this blog, that for you the reader, there has been some solace in knowing the astroweather of each week this year. When I first began writing these forecasts it was really a study exercise for myself. I wanted to develop a stronger intuitive relationship to the transits, as well as learn them more efficiently in relation to the frequency of how it related to a broader scope in life, not just myself. While I find individual horoscopes to be quite fun, I feel that there is more to the flow of the transits and the Moon cycle for us to understand in regard to the collective influence. 

In my first automatic writing channeling sessions with my spirit guides, I asked what I came to this life for. I was told a number of things, but one of them was to study the Moon. I was told that I was to do this from a more scientific perspective. While I am not studying astronomy, I do feel there is something in studying the cycles and energy patterns of the Moon from an astrological perspective is important for us to understand life on this planet. It plays such a key role in how we humans have observed time. 

With our Full Moon in Aries hitting this week, facing our relationship to ourselves in relation to how we view partnership is a highlight. This entire year there has been an emphasis on our relationship to the masculine polarity. The Patriarchy. 2020 collectively is a year 4, The Emperor card in the Tarot. Which happens to be ruled by Aries and Saturn. With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction starting the year off, and us being in an Emperor year, with Chiron the wounded healer transiting Aries, we are facing wounds within the divine masculine archetype, and having to reflect on where our own masculine energy has been misplaced or misused at times. This could be where we do not empower ourselves enough in our masculine or Yang divinity, or where we overly assert or dominate others. Themes we have been reflecting on the whole year as misuse of power becomes a central theme to this ever changing world. 

Saturn our planet of structure stations direct on Monday, and Pluto our planet that represents the concept of “power” stations direct. Personally I felt my power was completely stripped away when Pluto went retrograde this year. Every plan I had felt halted. I felt completely at a loss for words with what was happening in our world, and it has been a daily struggle to find ambition, meaning, and inspiration with my plans and dreams. With Pluto stationing direct, we may begin to revisit some of those things that were put on the back burner. We may begin to take control of our lives in ways that fit more of where we currently are in life. There is a new normal we have found despite nothing being normal. We are having to push on and forward despite what unknown future awaits us. 

Communication may be difficult this week with loved ones, relationships, and coworkers. We could feel burnt out, frustrated, irritable, and just plain over it. This is a good time to get organized with your life when it comes to your finances and material goals as best you can. It is also a good time to cut out anyone or anything that is no longer working for you. 

Be prepared to have a lot of energy this week that needs release. Find healthy ways to get your anger out. Kundalini yoga is a positive outlet for anger, as well as spending time outside in nature. Wishing you all many Full Moon blessings. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Do something that empowers you in yourself. Stand up for yourself, but also know when to stand down! 

Tarot cards of the week:

The Empress, The Emperor reversed, Justice, The Moon, The World, Wheel of Fortune, Death, The Tower, Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, Knight of Wands, King of Wands, 7 of Pentacles, 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, 2 of Swords, 3 of Swords, Page of Swords, Knight of Swords, King of Swords, 7 of Cups, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, Queen of Cups.

All times are Pacific time

Monday 9/28

Moon void of course in Aquarius sextile Mars rx in Aries 12:18 am

Moon enters Pisces 8:34 am

Moon trine Mercury in Scorpio 11:44 am

Venus in Leo inconjunct Saturn rx in Capricorn 6:01 pm

Moon inconjunct Sun in Libra 9:14 pm

Saturn stations direct in Capricorn 10:11 pm

We start our week out with a bang! Venus in Leo makes a hard aspect to Saturn just a few hours before Saturn stations direct Capricorn. Saturn went retrograde back on May 13th of this year, so we have had an intense Summer where much has been up for review in regard to our workflow and structures in place. With Venus making a hard aspect to Saturn today, we could feel like our ego is feeling conflicted with the boundaries or structures we currently have in place in our lives. It requires strength to fulfill responsibilities that maybe are not in line with who we feel we are at our core level. I know for me there are always a lot of obligations I have to the structure of my life that at times feel crushing to my creative spirit. I have to often work extra hard to reinspire myself with mundane weekly tasks that require my energy when it's really the last thing I want to give energy to. The benefit of persevering and completing these mundane tasks is that if it helps you to fulfill a bigger goal or dream, then it helps contribute to the strong foundation you are building for yourself later. Last year the Turtle was a large totem of my life. I had to learn how to slow down, be patient, and chip away at goals, rather than rush into them. While this is a lesson I am still learning, I feel like I value the mundane structure of my day in a way I never could have imagined even just a few years ago. With Venus making an inconjunct to Saturn, and Saturn stationing direct, we may have to check in with our goals, our work life, and with what we need/ want at a heart level. It's ok to change things up, and often with how things are in the world, most of us do not have a choice. We have to see what structures, while some feel hindering, are helping the bigger picture, and what structures are just not in line with our hearts and need to be restructured or let go of all together. Find a way to balance what your heart needs, with what responsibilities also call to your attention. 

Tuesday 9/29

Moon in Pisces

Moon sextile Uranus rx in Taurus 3:58 am

Sun in Libra opposition Chiron rx in Aries 1:44 pm

Mars rx in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn 2:50 pm

Moon sextile Jupiter rx in Capricorn 7:40 pm

Moon conjunct Neptune rx in Pisces 10 pm

Lots of tension in the astro weather today with Mars making a hard aspect to Saturn. This is a day where we need to work cautiously and be mindful with how we assert ourselves within our working dynamic. With the Sun in opposition to Chiron, we could have to face areas within ourselves we may have been avoiding. Confronting our relationship to our own identity, especially in relation to others is important, as when we are triggered and reactive, it often speaks to an insecurity or trauma we are having that has been established from potentially a larger issue. Try your best to keep a cool head today. Deep breaths and doing some form of exercise is good. There is potential to hurt yourself so be extra mindful with how you move your body. Don’t rush anything today. 

Wednesday 9/30

Moon in Pisces

Moon sextile Pluto rx in Capricorn 4:50 am

Moon void of course in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn 10:30 am

Moon inconjunct Venus in Leo 3:17 pm

Moon enters Aries 7:47 pm

Today is our calmest day of the week, so take advantage of it while you can! With the Moon in Pisces we benefit from a self care day and finding ways to connect to our spirituality. We benefit from baths, listening to music we love, writing poetry, being creative, and getting a lot of rest. 

Thursday 10/1

Moon in Aries

Moon inconjunct Mercury in Scorpio 4:39 am

Moon conjunct Chiron rx in Aries 9:57 am

Full Moon 9 degrees of Aries 2:05 pm

Our Full Moon hits today at 9 degrees of Aries after making a conjunction to the planetoid Chiron. The chart for this Full Moon holds a frequency centered around needing to work on asserting ourselves, our needs, and our boundaries within our relationship dynamics. Healing wounds around confidence, ego, self assertion, and whether we come off too strong, or not strong enough is a huge theme. Fire signs often are riding a hard balance between keeping the inner fire of ambition and strength alive, while also knowing when to keep things in check. The Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords cards in the tarot we can imagine coming head to head during this Full Moon. We have to find the balance between our minds and our hearts, how we go after the things we know we need, while also respecting other people in the process. Boundaries are not the same for everyone. Learning what our needs are while respecting the needs of another can be tricky. Basing our needs on self awareness rather than looking to others to define this for us is another theme during this Full Moon in Aries. Letting go of fear around how we are received by others is positive for us to reflect on. Juno and Mercury are in a conjunction in Scorpio during this time, which holds another heavy Mars frequency, as Mars is ruled by Scorpio. Juno is the asteroid related to partnerships and marriage, and Mercury is our planet of communication. In the sign of Scorpio things are often ending, a metamorphosis within our relationships is taking place. It is time for old patterns to die. We need to acknowledge any unhealthy relationships we have and say good riddance to them. We are not responsible for the healing of others. We are only responsible for the healing of ourselves. Those of us in healing professions can often neglect our own healing journey, by often diverting attention to others. It is common in spiritual circles and communities, as well as in the field of psychology, that the one giving advice is sometimes the one who needs the most help. It is often easier to see solutions to problems for others, than for ourselves. With this Full Moon in Aries, we may need to shine more of a light on ourselves. Make it less about others, stop projecting onto others or looking to others to have answers. We need to focus on healing our own relationships to self, as well as take responsibility for our own shortcomings and actions. We live in a finger pointing culture. It is easier to play the blame game than to look in the mirror and see where we have fallen short in life. 

Full Moon in Aries reflections:

Where can you take responsibility for yourself in your life right now? What do you need to assert in your life? In your relationships? How do you define boundaries? Do you respect the boundaries of others? Is there a relationship dynamic changing or transmuting that you need to recognize?

Friday 10/2

Moon in Aries 

Sun in Libra inconjunct Uranus rx in Taurus 6:31 am

Moon square Jupiter rx in Capricorn 7:58 am

Venus enters Virgo 1:48 pm

Moon square Pluto rx in Capricorn 5 pm

Moon conjunct Mars rx in Aries 8:57 pm

Moon void of course square Saturn rx in Capricorn 10:47 pm

Our Sun makes a hard aspect to Uranus in Taurus causing us to experience some instability when it comes to our sense of self in our relationships at this time. What could have felt secure at one time may begin to feel unstable as we feel ourselves needing to make big shifts with how we relate to others. In relation to these personal changes we may be feeling, Venus the planet often associated with relationships moves out of Leo into the mutable earth energy of Virgo. This enables us to see the big picture when it comes to the overall energy in our lives in regard to our physical life. We may feel inspired and motivated to get on top of priorities that we have been neglecting, especially when it comes to our financial health, and the health of our relationships. Find where ever you have Virgo in your chart as this will be a highlighted time for you in your life, that could be very fruitful. 

Saturday 10/3

Moon in Aries

Moon enters Taurus 8:12 am

Moon trine Venus in Virgo 10:13 am

Moon opposition Mercury in Scorpio 10:17 pm

Mercury in Scorpio inconjunct Chiron rx in Aries 10:55 pm

Mercury makes a hard aspect to Chiron today which could have us feeling tense and irritable. We may feel overly sensitive to any harsh critics by others and we may need to watch out for how we respond. This is not a favorable time for making any serious decisions, but it may be a good time to work out anything that has been bothering you when it comes to unhealthy perceptions or communication dynamics. 

Sunday 10/4

Moon in Taurus

Moon conjunct Uranus rx in Taurus 3:59 am

Pluto stations direct in Capricorn 6:32 am

Moon inconjunct Sun in Libra 8:15 am

Moon trine Jupiter in Capricorn 9:07 pm

Moon sextile Neptune rx in Pisces 10:37 pm

Ending the week with a bang as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. Pluto went retrograde way back in April, remember that? April feels like lifetimes ago! We had just endured our first month of quarantine and things were getting dark really fast. It all feels so long ago now. If we think of everything we have been through from then until now, it really puts things into perspective. So much of the world has changed in such a short period of time. We are building a new world as Pluto stations direct. Things that were put off during that time may come back up for review. We may have to face whatever we were unable to get to due to the pandemic. While the pandemic is not over, we are finding new ways to live in this new world.

Love, Peace, and Power

Analisa Six

Analisa Six is a Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Co-owner of The Mystic Parlor.

She lives in Yucca Valley, CA with her two dogs Bam Bam and Bruce Wayne, and her husband Terry Six. In her off time she loves hiking, hanging out with dogs, yoga, being vegan, studying the occult, and talking about conspiracy theories with her business partner Evelyn Zuel.

You can book a reading with her here.


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