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Autumn Equinox, Your Astrocast 9/21-9/27

Welcome to Libra Season! 

Howdy folks! On Tuesday, September 22nd it is officially autumn and Libra season! Happy Birthday Libra!

The end of summer and segway into Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I have so many fond memories of living in the Pacific northwest, when the air felt crisp and cool as the leaves started to turn. It has been hard to find the same optimism around this seasonal change with all of the fires here on the west coast. Seeing massive areas that I grew up going to, or have enjoyed over the years be devastated by such carnage has broken my heart. I think of all of the animals losing their homes and families, it makes me so sad. I hope that this transition from summer to autumn helps bring in some rain for us all. We so desperately need it. 


In old Celtic traditions, this was a time of celebrating the last of the year's harvest with a ritual that is now often called Mabon. Mabon is a god in Welsh mythology known as the “Child of Light” and son of Earth Mother Goddess, Modron. This holiday is the counterpart to Ostara- the holiday celebrating the Spring Equinox. During this time we are also honoring duality and the merging of two into one. The Autumn Equinox is a time that symbolizes when the days become shorter, nights become longer, and the veil between worlds begin to thin. In the celebrating of Mabon, various foods were shared amongst neighbors, thanks was given to the Earth Goddess, and it was recognized that this was the time that the Mother aspect of the Goddess was entering her Crone aspect.

Foods that are positive for celebrating Mabon include apples, pomegranate, bread, squash, and vegetables or fruits that are seasonal to your area. This is a good time to give thanks to the Earth and find ways to honor her. There is so much destruction happening on the west coast with these fires, a ritual asking for rain or peace in the days ahead is a beneficial way to tune into this energy.


Libra is the sign that rules equality, justice and peace. It is the sign that we learn how to build harmonious relationships, even when it comes to the differences we may possess. It is a sign where we learn the consequences of our actions, and how what we say and do influences others. In Libra we learn balance, harmony, and that sometimes it takes confrontation and difficult conversations to achieve long term peace.

Libra in the Zodiac is the cardinal air sign ruling the 7th house in our charts. The 7th house is the house of relationships. Libra people, being ruled by the planet Venus, tend to desire connection with people in fun and flirtatious ways. Libra's are also known for being naturally gifted when it comes to their smarts and wit. Having a Libra in your life can be such a blessing as they know how to have a good time and throw a great party. Here are some ways you can show your Libra friend that you appreciate them!

10 ways to love your favorite Libra:

1. Don't get mad if they have a hard time making a decision. Libra tends to want to keep things as harmonious as possible, which can sometimes make them a bit indecisive. Know that it is coming from a good place, and have patience in their decision making process.

2. Be fluid to plans changing, Libra doesn't always stick with the original plan as they do change their mind often, just go with it!

3. Buy them books! Libra's love a good book and tend to have a long list of books they plan to read, learn what genre they love and surprise them with something they will be so excited to add to their collection.

4. Compliment the hell out of them! Libra's are somewhat similar to Leo, in that they love praise and attention, but unlike Leo, they are more shy about it. Compliments go a long way!

5. Invite them to an art or music related event! Ok, I know none of us can really do this right now, but Libra absolutely loves strolling a gallery, attending a concert, or going to a movie. Find an outdoor activity related to the arts to take your Libra friend or partner to and they will be so happy!

6. If you can't make it out to a concert or art gallery, buy your favorite Libra some art or an album they really love! Libra's love to decorate their homes, and being the sign that loves relationships, they also love decorating their home with gifts their favorite people have given to them!

7. Gift them a piece of Jewelry that means something. Libra's also love adorning themselves with beautiful things. Jewelry is a great way to earn the heart of your favorite Libra.

8. Tell them you admire how easy going and smart they are. Libra's see themselves as being intellectually superior than the rest of us, and in a lot of ways they are. Compliment them on their brainiac ways and acknowledge how much you appreciate their two cents.

9. Don't get mad when they love to talk politics. Libra's also known as the sign that rules Justice. Libra wants to advocate for equality in our world, and they can be very passionate when seeing both sides of a situation and wanting the best for everyone involved. Listen to them express their interests in regard to worldly matters and they will feel like they have a friend they can count on when they need an ear to listen.

10. Don't get mad that they're late all of the time. I don't know if I have ever met a punctual Libra, and for some reason they have a way of making up for it every time with their charisma and charm. This can be common with air signs in general, but Libra tends to take the cake. Where they are unorganized in time management, they succeed in making it all worth the wait. Be patient with your Libra friend/partner, they get distracted easily!

Hopefully this guide helps those of you out there in being a great friend to your favorite Libra, and hopefully those of you who have Libra strong in your chart feel validated and seen! We love you Libra!

Celebrities with their Sun in Libra:

Kamala Harris, Kim Kardashian, Gandhi, Scottie Pippen, Eminem, Nick Cannon, Gwen Stefani, Tom Petty, Luke Perry, Ihan Omar, Chevy Chase, Bella Hadid, Olivia Newton John, Bruno Mars, Oscar Wilde, Rita Hayworth, Bernie Mac, Tommy Lee, Sean Lennon.

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