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Full Moon in Virgo ♍︎

Full Moon in ♍︎ 19° 37’

The Spinner’s Moon

March 9, 2020 at 10:48 am pst

Original post for the Magic of i blog

Being of service with a humble and open heart not for the sake of the individual but for the benefit of all. We can create a sense of well-being in anyone we come into contact with simply by being. There are often times when just existing in someone’s orb is enough for them to feel comfort. Virgo Moon feels most at ease when she is able to help and offer her services to those around her. At times there is a need to be needed in order to tame underlying anxieties regarding one’s usefulness. The mind that finds isolation comes up with some creative interpretations of the external realm. There is a nostalgia for independence and solitude but a yearning to be in the midst of those who really get you. There must be someone out there that can know and digest every single word you have to offer. The Sun conjoins Neptune in an alchemical combustion to reflect the light off of the Virgo Moon with glittering visions of high dreams and wishes. We work until we can’t see straight, cannot tell if we are just on the verge of exhaustion or if we really did see that apparition in the corner of the living room. There’s a thin layer of sleep that doesn’t drain from our eyes enough to wash away the fog. Someone once said, “The devil finds work for idle hands.” may we try and tempt that theory?

We have a couple more sacred conjunctions for this Full Moon which shakes up the harmony of a previously balanced foundation. Venus meets Uranus in Taurus at 4° / 5° and tests our ability to truly be flexible within our relationships, personal and romantic. Creature comforts that fill us to the brim limit our bodies from digesting difficult criticism that may have been pent up over the years. This Venus and Uranus conjunction wanes from a square with Saturn, an inconjunct with the moon and a semi-square with the Sun. “Remember that time when you said x,y, and z? Well that really pained me to hear.” The well of emotional depth is never ending, and we can talk about the foibles, and misdeeds from every angle of the disco ball but what it really boils down to is the need to be understood. To really be seen and validated for the emotions that we feel on a daily basis is all an argument really is. One of the energy patterns of the feminine, or the yin, is receptivity. The way a compliment, a complaint or a friendly reminder is received is up to the heir of the projection. Without fellow Mercury Rx, the lines of communication would be clearer, and our helpful critique would otherwise have been met with gratitude. It takes a little bit more energy to come to mutual agreements. On a different level, the Venusian dares to shock the establishment and previous perceptions of “classic beauty” are more than a bore today.

Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn have a strong supporting role in this Full Moon. They bring to the table an abundance of opportunities for work. Inspiration to pick up the slack wherever necessary and volunteer for a cause can generate a sense of accomplishment. As with all Full Moons we take this time to release a thing out of our being and into the earth or through the ethers. What we release is meant to support those around us and illuminate our eternal connection to every soul on earth. It wouldn’t be a full moon in Virgo post without the mention of health and wellness. Are there any routines in your daily life that don’t support your well-being? Do you work yourself into a state of sickness? Where in your life could you show more graciousness and gentleness to yourself? This can be a nice moment to release any toxic work-related habits that have been built up in the name of productivity. The system that forces its workers to show up to work while ignoring their personal wellness is a toxic system. When we are able to honor the emotional energy that it takes to balance relationships as much as we honor creative output, we show the world that empathy is a strong source of power.

Full Moon Virgo Mantras

My success is not dependent on how much I produce

I can establish healthy emotional boundaries

I am of service to the divine

My wellness is my priority

I am an emotional being

With Love and Peace Profound

Evelyn Zuel


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