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New Moon in Pisces

Originally featured on Magic of I

New Moon Pisces 4° 28’

2/23/2020 at 7:31 am pst

2/24/2020 at 2:31 am aest

Happy fluid, druid, spell binding New Moon in fantastical Pisces to you all. How fun to work through the miscommunications of a Mercury Retrograde while navigating an emotional back log of post exhaustive confrontations. Are the frustrations that bubble up about the actual situation at hand, or are they about something that happened years ago? There is a bit of a reboot to old discourses that mercury is allowing to resurface from the bottom of the subconscious pool. New Moons mean seeing it with fresh eyes, however, so now is the greatest time to detach a bit from the tiny details so we can see the proverbial forest as it sits outside of the trees. We entered Pisces season on February 18th(pacific) / February 19th(aest), did you feel it? The Dreamer’s Moon graces us around the same time each year. Visions are wilder and we see shapes that slip in and out of our peripheral. Can we really trust what we are seeing when the earthly plane now seems so fluid? Technology, electronics, communications and verbalizing ideas is washed down the drain in the tub. GPS is a funny concept when you’re a fish.

Mercury went retrograde in Pisces on February 3rd/4th, now these periods of Mercury taking a different route aren’t necessarily consequential, but this Mercury Rx has been such a funny ride. The road has a haze of blurry condensation, the coordinates point in 3 different directions – wait, did I just hear something? Oh crap, I missed my turn. Mercury passes over the Sun and the Moon in the coming days to burn out communications entirely. It is just all so funny though, serendipitous and downright laughable how topsy-turvy the days are going. For those mutable people out there it’s just another day and for those born with Mercury Rx, the playing field has been leveled. We get to be in on this cosmic joke until March 10th/11th , until then Mercury will continue to prance along the zodiacal belt, disrupting fixed perceptions. Uranus, Mr. Chaos and disruptor of the old ways adds to the unpredictability of the New Moon chart. With intentions of being flexible, we can move through the coming energies with grace.

On a global scale, the healthcare systems are being heavily brought into the foreground and the talk of economic impacts that humanity’s health has on the markets sways mainstream media. There is a potential pandemic on the horizon. Uranus represents large groups of people and how they connect to one another and he makes a sextile to the new moon in Pisces which has an intuition for feeling out ailments in others. Sickness, healthcare and mental maintenance predominate the collective. How do world governments lay down their political banter and to help heal the sick? Is sickness being used to bolster a political agenda? With the Uranian collective influence over this new moon it would be sensible of us to consider how intrinsically connected we are through our health practices or lack thereof. Pisces is represented in the 12thhouse of what is hidden. What parts of ourselves do we typically hide from the public? Jails, mental health care facilities, ashrams, dreams, are all places where individuals go to heal themselves in isolation away from the masses. Pisces often likes its solitude and can be found swimming in a dream world only it can understand.

Among all the seemingly directionless fluidity there is an entity influencing the energies in a productive way; Mars in Capricorn takes proactive measures towards problem solving solutions. Based on previous experience, we build on our working knowledge with confidence. Mars conjunct the south node allows us to pull from past situations that are similar in nature to come up with creative answers. You have the experience and enough skills to forge ahead. Trust in the self and the intuition to guide you where you need to be.

New Moon Mantras

I am boundless in my capabilities

I am creative

I listen to the Universe through the heart

My intuition always guides me

My vision is clear

Evelyn Zuel

FKA Astrom Council



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