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Weekly Astro Report February 6-12

Weekly Astro Forecast for February 6-12

All times calculated for PST: UTC -08:00

Sun = Aquarius 17°15’ – 23°19’

Moon = Leo -> Scorpio

At the start of the week the peak lunar energy wanes into Virgo, nestling us into a state of self-analysis, care, and recuperation. It is now time to organize our thoughts around what was illuminated after the Full Moon in Leo. Our emotional selves stroll through Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio this week navigating themes around personal health, emotional boundaries and letting go of old baggage. Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th, opening us up to tactical problem solving and being able to see brilliant new objective perspectives.

2/6 Monday

Still buzzing from the Full Moon in Leo, much of the information and awareness are disseminating into our consciousness. The Moon moves into an opposition with Saturn right after the Full Moon which magnifies what parts of our emotional selves are on the chopping block. We can perform maintenance on friendships, updating and connecting with those who feel like a solid support. The mind is imaginative and open to creative possibilities.

MOON opposite Saturn, voc, enters Virgo at 1:14 pm

MERCURY sextile Neptune

2/7 Tuesday

Proper motivation for assessing some of the more nuanced emotions that trigger frustrations. If you notice your blood pressure rising, take a few deep breaths and take it slow. The ability to step back a couple feet from how you’re feeling about any given situation is promoted by the Moon trine Uranus aspect today. Chances for serendipitous contacts through the heart appear today.

MOON trine NN, square Mars, opposite Venus, trine Uranus

VENUS sextile Uranus, semisquare Pluto

2/8 Wednesday

With all the ideas and images that take our mind away from menial tasks, it can be difficult to focus on getting the small details in order. Deep realizations around work come to surface and finding solutions around daily issues offers some aha moments. Setting plans in motion that help with the bigger picture / the process is productive.

MOON opposite Neptune, trine Mercury, trine Pluto

MERCURY semisextile Saturn

2/9 Thursday

The Moon enters Libra and makes an opposition with Jupiter shortly after, getting us into some hot debates. There’s a spark for inspired conversations and meaningful discourse. We long for connection with our partners through communication. A great day to notice the beautiful differences between what makes you tick vs. your other half.

MOON enters Libra at 12:46 am, opposite Jupiter

2/10 Friday

The emotional self needs to move the energy through inspired conversations. This is a day for deep talks and discussions about personal goals, the future and how we see our partnerships growing. Also a day where we can set up systems for communication that make life easier to manage. Balance your need to be heard with compassionate listening today, it will take you farther than if you focus on your own personal needs in any partnership.

MOON trine Mars, opposite Chiron, trine the Sun

MERCURY conjunct Pluto

2/11 Saturday

A bit of an emotional time with some hiccups in communication. There are some changes in the air with Mercury moving into Aquarius, shifting the speed to a slower, more methodical momentum. Quantum processing, imagining alternative options and new methods with objective points of view. Speed bumps show us where we are to focus more of our mental energy to not become burnt out. The Moon conjuncts the South Node, spewing out some hot baggage thought to have been long discarded. Let it go, let it mellow.

SUN semisquare Jupiter

MOON trine Saturn, square Pluto, enters Scorpio at 10:34 am, square Mercury, opposite NN

MERCURY enters Aquarius

MARS sextile Chiron

2/12 Sunday

The hyper realism of the situation vs the imagined dream can be an annoying combination to exist within. The desire to work unhindered is obstructed and as hard as you may try to focus on a project, the distractions of media and the mind keep seeping into the foreground. You may feel the pull to connect and fulfill obligations with the community but spending some quality time alone with yourself away from the collective’s influence helps to refocus and reorient the internal self.

SUN semisextile Neptune

Moon opposite Uranus


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