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Your Weekly Forecast 4/6-4/12

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? You are, duh!

Thinking about our Full Moon in Libra this week, and a lot of the transits we have involving Venus in Gemini and Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, I can’t help but think of the need we have as a collective to see our beliefs, and our ideas validated back to us through the lens of media, and relationships. 

One of my mother's favorite sayings is “the world is a hologram.” When I explore the nature of synchronicity, and how we internalize the experience, we tend to see anything mirrored back to us as divine timing, or validation we are exactly where we are meant to be. Often, the simulation we find ourselves in and the simulations we create around us, tend to align with whatever we wish to see or believe to be true. 

In astrology, the search for truth is matched in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, while the search for justice is matched in the cardinal air sign of Libra. Justice in a superficial sense, is a concept that rests predominantly upon perception and what we agree to as a collective or within society when it comes to our fundamental and human understanding of “law and order.”

But when it comes to the laws of nature, the laws of the universe, or the laws of math, the term, “justice,” takes on a much deeper and complex meaning. 

We know as humans that our time here is limited and that there are very real parameters we are able to operate within this experience. 

In Libra we are experiencing the law of cause and effect within this reality. The laws of karma.

My ongoing interest in the study of astrology has much to do with the principles of karma and how the mathematical frequencies we are vibrating upon, play into the way we can alter or create this reality. Many spiritual practitioners believe in the ability to tap into the will of an individual (Aries) to the point where we can defy any kind of astrological impact that the stars may or may not be having on us.

I am someone who has been open to this concept, but I believe that while we may as individuals have a large amount of personal power, nothing is more powerful than the collective consciousness of whatever this universe is, and whatever other invisible energies are playing an influence here.

The balance of willpower in Aries, to the laws of cause and effect in Libra, create a duality, a mirrored experience that cannot be ignored. While we may have the will to create, do we have the will to control the effect? Or does the effect supercede our will because there is a larger, and more wise divine source of power determining the outcome?

As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If the intention is good, but the outcome takes a different form, who's to say that we have any say at all? Maybe we are all exactly playing the parts we were born to play.

And the world is just a hologram for the shared experience we all are creating together. 

Right now we embark upon another powerful week of transits during a time that will be remembered by all of us for the rest of our lives. Reflecting on our individual power, the universal laws within this dimension, and the shared experience or perception we create as a collective, are all little things we should be building more awareness to in the weeks to come. 

Tarot Cards of the Week:

The Tower, Justice, The Moon, The Hermit, The Magician, The Fool, The World, The Star, The Lovers, The Emperor, 7 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, 9 of pentacles, 4 of Cups, 5 of Cups, 6 of Cups, Knight of Cups, Ace of Swords, 2 of Swords, 3 of Swords, 4 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 6 of Swords, 7 of Swords, Page of Swords, Knight of Swords, Queen of Swords, King of Swords, Page of Wands, Queen of Wands, King of Wands, 2 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 7 of Wands, 8 of Wands, 9 of Wands, 10 of Wands. 

(All times are Pacific)

Monday 4/6

Moon in Virgo

Moon opposition Mercury in Pisces 2:49 am

Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn 6:15 am

Moon void of course trine Jupiter in Capricorn 6:29 am

Moon enters Libra 2:16 pm

Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius 3:52 pm

Moon trine Venus in Gemini 6:56 pm

Moon trine Mars in Aquarius 10:20 pm

Moon inconjunct Uranus in Taurus 10:54 pm

Moon opposition Chiron in Aries 11:51 pm

Starting our week off, we have a lot of potential for motivation and momentum towards any goals we are setting up for ourselves for the day. This is a good time to take action around any new routines, especially when it comes to health and wellness. 

We may feel restless, as there is a lot of energy on the Yang polarity of Air and Fire. It is positive for us to find ways to be active in our bodies whether it is going for a walk, run, or doing a quick home workout. We also benefit from connecting with loved ones however we can.                                                          

Tuesday 4/7

Full Moon 18 degrees of Libra 7:35 pm

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 11:50 am

Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn 2:28 pm

Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn 7:20 pm