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Knowledge is Power, Your Astrocast 12/14-12/20

If knowledge is power, then perception must be the influential gateway. As an astrologer, I have surrounded myself with people who value philosophical insights and old world spiritual wisdom. It is something that astrologers pride themselves on. An understanding of psychology, mythos, and alternative healing modalities take center stage when it comes to the pedestal we align ourselves with. But on the other side of the pond, lie our scientists and astronomers. People who have spent countless hours studying math, science, and testing theories, proving them real or unreal. People who are looking to what is happening in the grounded physical realm, right here, right now. Those scientists and astronomers often, not always, look at people like me and laugh or eye roll. Often they see people like myself and others as ignorant charlatans performing party tricks. This dichotomy is also represented in fundamentalist religion vs. secular society, Democrat vs. Republican, and so on. Duality within this realm is often the battle we are continuously up against as humans that live in this reality. With our Solar Eclipse hitting at 23 degrees of Sagittarius on Monday at 8:17 am, the themes around what we perceive as truth, wisdom, and knowledge, come up for review.

As a Sagittarius rising myself, I question everything. It is something that I am not sure I will ever stop. Sagittarius being the sign of the seeker, never really stops searching. We also tend to be open to other truths, other possibilities, other frameworks for what is right vs. wrong. Most of the time we don’t see anything as absolute, anything is possible, and everything deserves questioning.

As we close out the year that has been one for the books, it is important we begin to look beyond ourselves. We may begin to question everything we believe, everything we thought we knew. It is more important than ever that we look to what ways we may influence our future.

What belief systems do we perpetuate that are no longer relevant to our ever changing world?

I think back to what was happening in our country 100 years ago and how different things were back in the 1920s. It is hard to imagine what it must have been like to be alive then. Everything was completely different. No internet, no cell phones, no facebook, no computers. So much changes in such a short period of time.

For me the purpose and intent behind my spiritual practice is just as important to me as having one. Often in my consultations with clients, we want guidance on what we should be doing or focusing on in life, but much of the time, on a deeper level, we know exactly what it is we want and need, we just may not believe in our ability to create it.

The energy of this eclipse is to spark more insight onto our curiosity about our world and ourselves on a deeper level. Why do we know, why do we feel pulled, what are we learning, what do we have to offer? This is a period of time during this eclipse portal over the next 6 months, where the “why” behind your intention begins to feel more at the forefront.

Why do anything at all? Who are you doing it for? What is the karmic or cosmic influence at play in the decision making process. As a reader, I enjoy focusing on putting the power back in your hands.

This isn’t about how the stars are influencing you, so much as it is about how you take the circumstances and energy in your life, and use it to influence the world in a positive way. We as individuals must take responsibility over ourselves during these next 6 months. It is time for us to model the values we have, not just speak of them, it is time for us to show up in our world with the gifts we have to offer. Get clear this week on what is being called into alignment for you now, from a deep place.

For more not this Eclipse you can read Evelyn's amazing article here.

Tarot cards of the week:

Judgement, The World, The Star, Temperance, Wheel of Fortune, Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, 7 of Wands, 8 of Wands, 9 of Wands, Page of Wands, 4 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 6 of Swords, 10 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles.

All times are Pacific.

Monday 12/14

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon square Neptune in Pisces 12:15 am

Moon conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius 2:42 am

Moon trine Mars in Aries 4:14 am

Solar Eclipse 23 degrees of Sagittarius 8:17 am

Venus in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Capricorn 7:35 pm

Moon enters Capricorn 7:35 pm

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries 8:24 pm

Our need for growth, expansion and freedom is enhanced today with our Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Venus sextile Jupiter and Mercury making a trine to Mars. We may feel a lot of ambition around goals we have for the new year. This is a powerful time for setting intentions towards those goals, and even taking some action. The intentions we set into our lives now will have a rippling effect for months the months to come. Be mindful. Evelyn wrote an amazing article on todays eclipse that you can read here.

Tuesday 12/15

Moon in Capricorn

Moon square Chiron rx in Aries 3:47 am

Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn 5 am

Moon trine Uranus rx in Taurus 7:22 am

Venus enters Sagittarius 8:21 am

Chiron stations direct in Aries 2:17 pm

Venus enters the playful energy of Sagittarius this week, enhancing our need for freedom and expansion. We may feel a deep longing to connect with others or travel to far off places. Here in California, we are going through another lock down, which for some is absolutely excruciating. This may be a positive time to get outside for a day trip to somewhere you can be outside, or to learn a new skill you haven’t previously had the time for.

With Chiron stationing direct in Aries, we may begin to feel more inspired to express ourselves in ways that we haven’t had motivation to do. I think of the Ace of Wands card in the Tarot as a positive representation of energy. A new self is ready to emerge after months and months of personal self reflection and healing.

Wednesday 12/16

Moon in Capricorn

Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces 2:12 am

Moon square Mars in Aries 7:32 am

Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 11:33 am

Saturn enters Aquarius 9:04 pm

Moon void of course conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn 9:34 pm

Moon enters Aquarius 10:27 pm

Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 10:28 pm

Saturn finally stations into Aquarius where it will be until 2022. This marks a pivotal time in our world as Saturn will ask for reform and new structures that serve the progress of humanity to be put into place. We may see more technological advancements over these years as Jupiter and Saturn are both here for 2021.

Thursday 12/17

Moon in Aquarius

Moon sextile Venus in Sagittarius 2:16 am

Moon sextile Chiron in Aries 7:07 am

Moon square Uranus rx in Taurus 10:50 am

This is a positive day for doing something charitable or community focused. We may benefit from a virtual friend date, or taking ourselves on a drive, or volunteering in our community in a way that is safe during these covid times. Find a way to be of service today, or to connect with those who fulfill your heart. It may also be a good day to get out of the house and do something that breaks up your day with a little spontaneity and adventure.

Friday 12/18

Moon in Aquarius

Moon sextile Mars in Aries 2:08 pm

Moon sextile Mercury in Sagittarius 11:49 pm

We have a lot of harmonious energy today that gives us a boost towards optimism and personal growth. We may feel inspired to do something that gives us a sense of purpose and personal empowerment.

Saturday 12/19

Moon in Aquarius

Moon void of course sextile Sun in Sagittarius 12:45 am

Moon enters Pisces 4:39 am

Jupiter enters Aquarius 5:07 am

Venus in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries 7:22 am

Moon square Venus in Sagittarius 2:40 pm

Moon sextile Uranus rx in Taurus 5:50 pm

Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius 7:26 pm

Jupiter enters Aquarius in the wee hours of the morning where it will be until May of 2021 where it will enter Pisces from May 14th until July 28th, before making its way back into Aquarius again until December 28th of 2021. Jupiter in the fixed air sign of Aquarius is seen as a visionary and humanitarian placement. This energy should bring forth expansion and growth when it comes to technological advancements, science, and social change. With both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius during 2021, we should see social justice issues at the forefront of our political climate. Aquarius is the sign of social change and reform, we are on the brink of revolution.

Healing distorted perceptions when it comes to how we view ourselves in our relationship dynamics as well as personal belief systems in the world is highlighted with Venus in Sagittarius making a trine to Chiron in Aries, and emphasized with our Sun and Mercury combustion. Playing upon the themes that I expressed in the opening paragraphs of this blog, we are reviewing our perceptions around what our beliefs are when it comes to how we contribute and operate within our own lives and the world around us. We may feel a huge need to expand beyond limiting beliefs, as well as to question beliefs we previously once found solace in. This could be everything from a religion, healing modality, guru, or belief structure. We hopefully embrace these changes as they are portals towards growing away from comfort zones or stagnant mindsets. Be open to what is presenting itself to you. When reality is constantly evolving and shifting all around us, we are wise to not get too comfortable in perceptions that keep us in the past.

Sunday 12/20

Moon in Pisces

Mercury enters Capricorn 3:07 pm

Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces 3:34 pm

Venus in Sagittarius inconjunct Uranus rx in Taurus 10:12 pm

Mercury enters the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn enhancing our ability to approach things in a more direct and practical way. We may feel that some of the optimism that Mercury in Sagittarius may have gifted us, bleeds over into ways we can make actually progress within our physical or mundane reality. This is an incredibly difficult time for many people when it comes to finances and small business. This is a good time to begin making steps towards getting clarity on what you can do about your particular situation.

Venus and Uranus make a hard aspect today resulting in unforeseen changes taking place when it comes to relationship dynamics, or how we connect to our reality. We may feel a huge shift taking place when it comes to how we relate to our mundane world. What has been comfortable may no longer feel comfortable. The people, places, and things we once found solace in, may begin to feel unappealing or attractive in the days ahead.

Love, Peace, and Power

Analisa Six

Analisa Six is a Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Co-owner of The Mystic Parlor.

She lives in Yucca Valley, CA with her two dogs Bam Bam and Bruce Wayne, and her husband Terry Six. In her off time she loves hiking, hanging out with dogs, yoga, being vegan, studying the occult, and talking about conspiracy theories with her business partner Evelyn Zuel.

You can book a reading with her here.

Photo by Kristen Cofer

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Constance Walsh
Constance Walsh
Dec 18, 2020

I continue to be in awe of your intelligence and knowledge both higher and mundane, and the ideal dove-tailing fit with Evelyn's offerings.

I want to say regarding this post that your first paragraph is the best and most generous on views of left-brain scholars and experts. It is, imo, correct and without emotional judgement. Most frequently "their" take on our professions is less kind and decidedly less informed, for if it were, it would indicate an open-ness (rare), lack of prejudice (rare), and a willingness to include, rather than attachment to uniqueness and a need to be right.

One of these is Sam Vaknin, the only human with certified NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) who has self-reflection, that we know…

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