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Welcome to the Underworld, Your Astrocast 10/19-10/25

Blessings mystics and seekers!!

Wow, last week has been really intense. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio truly has been no joke. I am so grateful to all of you who sent prayers and love to my little Bam Bam over the weekend while he was in the hospital. We truly were not sure if he was going to make it, and we are so so so grateful that he has made a full recovery and is slowly getting back to his old self. I  can only hope that we don’t have to worry about this happening again for a long time.

This week our Sun moves into Scorpio. Yes you heard that right,  Scorpio season already? Where has the time gone! I feel like we just entered Libra season and here I am writing about Scorpio already. Scorpio season is one of my favorite times of year. A couple years ago I had the honor for contributing to a zine called “A Treatise on Death.” I wrote a short article on Scorpio and wish to share it with you here.

Scorpio  is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac and also has been revered  as one of the most feared. Scorpio dominant people ( meaning those who have their sun, moon, rising, or large placements in Scorpio within their birth chart) tend to have a presence that is intense, brooding, powerful, but sometimes operating at a more private and hidden level. It is this energy that exudes power, but is held within or below, that is what typically puts people on edge, as there is a sense that regardless of how private or quiet a Scorpio person can be, there is something loud that lurks behind the veil. 

 In astrology Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and rules the 8th house. It’s planetary rulers are Mars and Pluto, it’s element water, and modality fixed. When we reach the energy of Scorpio in the zodiac we are being asked what our relationship to transformation, power, sex, creation, death, and rebirth is within our lives. Scorpio has a shadow nature to it, and also operates below the surface of the material world. 

 Shadow aspects of Scorpio can manifest negatively into resentments, jealousy, envy, sexual issues, and

power/dominance issues when at its lower manifested vibration. 

  But it is within this shadow, and this darkness, that we can do the most healing, and when we begin to come into the light aspects of Scorpio, we truly learn how to embrace the ebb and flow of the life, death, life cycle here within this dimension of reality. 

The Scorpio journey breaks up into three main cycles. There is birth, death, and rebirth, but there are also three animal totem levels of Scorpio that define the evolution process that Scorpio embodies. They are  the scorpion, eagle, and phoenix.  These three  stages have also been broken up into seven stages, so there are four  other animals also associated with the Scorpio journey, but we will stick to the three most discussed animal totems for the purpose of this article. 

The scorpion stage is the first stage and represents the lower level of Scorpio energy which can be associated with the shadow nature of the psyche. It is within this first level that we experience envy, jealousy, victim/martyr dynamics, power trips, and energy that tends to fall into betrayal, dishonesty, and projection. The lesson for this Scorpio archetype is to find a way to face and acknowledge these shadows within us honestly. We all have the potential to give into these patterns of behavior whether we are a Scorpio or not. If you are feeling these feelings within your own life, this lower level of Scorpio may be at play for you. It is within the next stage of Scorpio that we begin to face these shadows and learn to transcend them. People who are operating within this lower level lack self awareness and tend to feel like victims of things that happen to them. They tend to justify any negative  behavior towards others because the other person in their minds is deserving of it. Or they feel somehow like they have been misled, cheated, or abused by their circumstances in this way. People who are in a perpetual down cycle of being a victim within their own relationships or lives tend to be operating from this lower level of Scorpio energy. 

The eagle stage is the second stage of Scorpio and represents leaving the lower realm and being able to observe these dynamics with clarity. We could say you are getting a “birds eye view” of your shadow nature, and bringing it up out of the lower realm, facing it, and transcending it. You are honest, self aware, and no longer denying that the lower realm exists, but you are also making a choice not to operate at a lower level of being. This stage we are open, seeking growth and education, and able to see the shadows for what they are and not operate within them. We learn to take responsibility for our part in our relationships and dynamics. We learn to look at our own inner darkness honestly and transcend it. We also become less reactive to outside circumstances and find a healthy level of detachment to our lives. 

The phoenix stage is the third stage of Scorpio and is where we learn the art of transmutation of energy. This is the ultimate goal of Scorpio energy and represents using your power for healing and helping others. We find out how through every death, there is an opportunity for growth. The Phoenix is able to rise and be born from it’s own ashes, and this power is how we transcend all hardships. We are no longer reacting, or stuck in our perpetual wheel. We are able to transmute energy within and around us and help others to do the same. The phoenix knows when old patterns or structures of being are no longer serving a beneficial purpose in one's own life. The phoenix person does not fear the evolution of oneself, it knows it is an inevitable and important part of the journey. 

As we embark closer to Scorpio season, we begin to feel the veil lifting between worlds. This is when the spirit world and the material world are accessible to each other and we begin to feel a heightened state of spiritual awareness taking place within and around us.

You can best spend this time letting go of things in your life that are trying to leave you. This can be people, places, things, or more abstract energies like ideas, feelings, emotional patterns, thought patterns, or routines. Scorpio season asks us to let the old die so that the new can be born. Make peace with where you have been, honor where you are, and ignite your inner fire for where you are headed.

This week we also have some big transits. Venus makes a difficult aspect to Mars rx which could cause us to feel some tension when it comes to our plans and the energy we are able to control when it comes to executing them, however Venus also makes a powerful trine to Jupiter on Monday giving us a flavor of optimism when it comes to our career and financial situations, followed up with an opposition between Mercury and Uranus which could lead to some difficult conversations that lead us to having breakthroughs around perceptions or changes we need to be open to when it comes to our physical and emotional world. Wednesday Venus makes a trine to Pluto allowing there to be much room for growth and transformation when it comes to how we assert our need for organization and stability in our material realm. We may have to surrender or let go plans that are no longer relevant to the direction of our lives.  

Thursday our Sun moves into Scorpio with an uncomfortable inconjunct aspect between Mercury and Chiron, giving us a need to heal any identity wounds around communication and our perceptions of self in our lives right now. 

Come Friday we have a first quarter Moon in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. First quarter Moons are a time for setting intentions for the future. We do well planting seeds around detachment and our perceptions of our future. We may need to be more open minded to a bigger vision, bigger goal, or something that is more selfless than what we had been originally hoping for. 

We end our week with Venus making an easy aspect to Saturn allowing us to get organized in our material world, and Sunday our Sun meets up with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio enabling us to take a deeper look at the shadow aspects of our identity that need our attention.

We have yet another whirlwind week of highs and lows, but it is a great time to get organized and develop a strategic plan when it comes to our material goals. We may have to face aspects of ourselves this week that we would rather not look at, but it is in this self reflection that we can truly begin to evolve and heal so that we may break past any energetic blockages or barriers that are preventing us from moving forward in the ways we wish.